Green Home Institute Story
LEED Platinum Net Zero PHIUS Water Sense Air Plus Universal Design

We are upping our game! Having several LEED Gold projects under our belt and a Passive House/LEED Platinum pre-certified project under way, we are always looking to improve our designs. We started with a stock plan and worked our magic to turn it into Southwest Michigan’s next extremely energy efficient, environmentally conscious, handicap accessible home!

LEED Net Zero First Floor System

We are proud to announce that work has begun on our first Passive House project! The Passive House certification program represents the pinnacle of energy efficient home design. With less than 250 homes certified so far having met the stringent requirements in the United States, we are looking forward to adding our project to this elite list! In addition to being pre-certified with the Passive House Institute, this home is also register with the USGBC for a LEED Platinum certification, the US Department of Energy’s Net Zero Program, and the EPA’s WaterSense and Indoor AirPlus Programs. Upon completion this project will be perhaps the most energy efficient and environmentally conscious home in Michigan!

LEED Gold Certified House

Congratulations to David Bauer and Barbara Sneath on completion of their new LEED Gold Home! Over the past year we have worked to make their dreams of an environmentally conscious, energy efficient, universally designed home a reality. With only three other homes in Southwest Michigan having achieved the gold certification, the homeowners can take pride in knowing their new home is one of the greenest in the area!

The Kalamazoo Valley Museum has invited us to participate in their Sunday Series. Come join us October 14th at 1:30 pm in the Jane Stryer Theater to learn why environmentally conscious home construction is on the rise and what “truly” green construction means. Admission is free!

Partners Magazine recently published a nice article in their Winter edition. Learn more about how we are working to build Southwest Michigan’s most energy efficient and environmentally conscious homes!

Join us March 28th at 5:30 pm for our presentation at Louie’s Bar and Grille! The presentation is part of a series organized by the Southwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum called Green Drinks. Every month they invite a speaker to make an informal presentation about various environmental topics, and they have invited us to share our story about building one of Soutwest Michigan’s greenest homes.

Leed Gold Certified Single Family Home

We are proud to announce the completion of our first home!  Our Sandy Cove project was registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and is currently being processed for certification at the gold level!  While the LEED for Homes program has been strongly embraced in other areas of the state,  ours is one of the first in the greater Kalamazoo Area and the first to receive the gold level certification.