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Framing begins on the West Portage LEED home

A square and level floor system ensures that everything will be spot on as we continue to work our way up. We are also trying something new for this build.  Instead of our typical double stud wall design, we had the 2×6 walls panelized with Zip System Insulated R-Sheathing to add an additional R6 and speed construction.

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Abueva Builders begins work on LEED Platinum Project

We are upping our game! Having several LEED Gold projects under our belt and a Passive House/LEED Platinum pre-certified project under way, we are always looking to improve our designs. We started with a stock plan and worked our magic to turn it into Southwest Michigan’s next extremely energy efficient, environmentally conscious, handicap accessible home!

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Framing begins on the Lakeside Net Zero Passive House!

The architect, Mark Miller, referred to the design as a “symphony of circles”. The round foundation will become the garage to the house; and with the installation of 2” of XPS insulation to the exterior of the walls and under the slab, we are creating a semi-conditioned space that will be comfortable for more uses than just parking a car. The framed core of the house will house the stairs, one of the two small mechanical rooms, and a shaft for a future elevator. It gets the same treatment as all the other exterior walls – 14” thick double stud walls that result in an R-54 insulated assembly.