Framing begins on the Lakeside Passive House! The architect referred to the design as a “symphony of circles” and its easy to see why.

The architect, Mark Miller, referred to the design as a “symphony of circles”. The round foundation will become the garage to the house; and with the installation of 2” of XPS insulation to the exterior of the walls and under the slab, we are creating a semi-conditioned space that will be comfortable for more uses than just parking a car. The framed core of the house will house the stairs, one of the two small mechanical rooms, and a shaft for a future elevator. It gets the same treatment as all the other exterior walls – 14” thick double stud walls that result in an R-54 insulated assembly.

LEED Gold Certified House

Congratulations to David Bauer and Barbara Sneath on completion of their new LEED Gold Home! Over the past year we have worked to make their dreams of an environmentally conscious, energy efficient, universally designed home a reality. With only three other homes in Southwest Michigan having achieved the gold certification, the homeowners can take pride in knowing their new home is one of the greenest in the area!

Join us March 28th at 5:30 pm for our presentation at Louie’s Bar and Grille! The presentation is part of a series organized by the Southwest Michigan Sustainable Business Forum called Green Drinks. Every month they invite a speaker to make an informal presentation about various environmental topics, and they have invited us to share our story about building one of Soutwest Michigan’s greenest homes.

Leed Gold Certified Single Family Home

We are proud to announce the completion of our first home!  Our Sandy Cove project was registered with the U.S. Green Building Council and is currently being processed for certification at the gold level!  While the LEED for Homes program has been strongly embraced in other areas of the state,  ours is one of the first in the greater Kalamazoo Area and the first to receive the gold level certification.