Planning & Design

Transforming your ideas and wish list into reality requires more than just 2D prints and spec sheets.  It takes a solid understanding of both form and function – an understanding of what is practical and feasible.  That’s why we prefer to design in a 3D environment.  Most people have difficulty visualizing a construction project when only working from a 2D print.  We provide full array of 3D modeling services to both our clients and other builders.

By working in 3D we can help you to understand how a space will function.  We can literally walk you through your project before construction has even begun.  Our advanced modeling services allow us to identify construction issues in advance saving time and money so that we can complete your project on time and on budget with no surprises or “on the fly” fixes.

Many builders don’t provide any in-house architectural print services.  They subcontract out the initial print design, then pass the prints along to the lumber yard to provide material take-offs, floor system engineering and truss design.  This results in having multiple prints that are not linked.  If one print changes, all the other prints must be individually updated.  By combining all of the foundation, framing, and trusses into one model we are able to quickly make corrections and refinements as well as identify discrepancies.

We provide, down to the stud, framing documents complete with material lists, cutlists, component counts, and layouts.  This allows us to achieve lumber utilization rates in excess of 98%!  The completeness of the documentation also allows all of the cutting and layout work to be performed in a shop and then shipped to site for assembly (if desired).  Load calculations are performed for all load bearing walls to ensure that headers are sized appropriately further reducing materials.  Customers have reported saving up to $2000.00 on lumber alone, for a 2100 square foot home, when compared to the quote provided by a lumber yard; and up to a 30% reduction in framing labor costs.

Specification sheets and prints catered to each individual subcontractor that reduce the clutter associated with traditional prints.  These documents focus only on the materials and measurements relevant to each trade and greatly reduce confusion.

Prints such as tile layouts that allow you to approve the pattern, spacing and orientation of the materials.  This eliminates the guesswork over what will look best and provides the installer with the exact measurements for starting the layout.

Verification that plumbing, electrical, and HVAC designs and layout will not interfere with one another; and that framing will not interfere with their installation.

Get more for your money

Thanks to our modeling services we can provide more accurate estimates and material take-offs.  Better construction documents translate into increased productivity and construction quality, which ultimately means more for your money!