We love taking homes from concept to reality and it shows. Extremely energy efficient and environmentally conscious, our homes are built to exceed typical construction in every way—well beyond code. Our homes are enduring because we take pride in our work and pay extra attention to all parts of the home. Far too often builders cut corners in places the casual observer can’t see. These are the most important parts of the house. The bones. We build new homes that will become great old homes decades from now.

We understand not every home can be a LEED certified “uber-green” home. We will work with you to create the most energy efficient home your budget will allow and can advise you on where your money will have the most impact. What’s more, we will be conscientious and communicate throughout the project because we understand that this is not just your house, it’s your home. Perhaps even your dream home.

If you want to discuss a new construction project, or even just talk about “green stuff,” please contact Paul.